Partners. Maximize your Web presence. has developed relationships with leading software and service companies to add even more value to our core service offerings. These alliances enable us to provide our partners and their customers with additional solutions that help them make the most of their Internet presence.

GeoTrust is a leading provider of next generation Internet services that address the fundamental need for e-business security and confidence.

Cardservice International® is an industry leader in credit card processing for traditional and Internet businesses.

Miva supplies merchants and developers with the information, technology and services they need to be successful eBusinesses. Their software enables us to provide complete eCommerce solutions for our customers’ businesses.

Urchin Web Analytics, from Google, is the undisputed performance leader in Web traffic reporting. customers receive comprehensive website statistics to track visitors to their websites.

ServerXchange™ 3.0, the industry's first open platform for hosting operations and management, provides comprehensive capabilities to allow service providers to automate the deployment and management of hosted services and supporting infrastructure.

Thawte acts as a trusted third party by providing inexpensive digital trust solutions to anyone, anywhere, at any time. relies on Thawte to enhance our security offerings.

VeriSign, Inc. is the leading provider of digital trust services that enable everyone, everywhere to engage in commerce and communications with confidence. utilizes VeriSign’s security measures to better serve and protect our customers.

Google is the largest search engine on the World Wide Web, offering users access to an index comprising more than 8 billion URLs. uses Google AdWords and Google AdSense to give our customers the ability to drive traffic to their websites.

PayPal provides one of the easiest, affordable ways for people to accept credit cards and be protected from fraud.

Attracta provides every Gate Web hosting customer access to Google-recommended XML Sitemap technology designed to give them an advantage in their search engine optimization strategies.

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