December 2009

Did you know your Web hosting plan now includes a free eNewsletter tool? It's true!

No special software. No design skills needed. In three easy steps you can create professional, custom newsletters to reach customers and help grow your sales:

1. Pick a design from a library of templates and upload your own logo, images and text. (Or upload your own HTML version, if you prefer.)
2. Upload your mailing list.
3. Send!

Try it out! Log in to your Control Panel and click on Newsletter Broadcast on the entry page. Send your message to 100 customers per month for free — or upgrade if you need a larger distribution list.

Three Easy Tips to Boost Traffic

Looking for three quick ways to grow traffic and improve search engine rank this holiday season? Quality links to your website are the key. Three ideas for good links:

1. Which vendors sent you holiday cards? Do they have sites? Ask them to link to yours.

2. Sending seasonal email greetings to customers? Include a link to your site.

3. Too busy these holidays to build your own blog? Instead, identify 10 busy blogs that are relevant to your business. Bookmark them. Twice a week post a thoughtful — not commercial — comment. You'll usually be asked for contact info, including your URL, which links back to your site. Voila! A link is born.

Bookmark This!
Size up the Competition with Alexa  

It's not really spying... just surveillance.

Interested in your competition's site? How popular is it compared to yours in reach and pageviews? Do you know what keywords they are using? Any interest in their Clickstream data that shows where they are getting traffic? Or some demographic analysis on visitors to their site?

Check out, plug in a website address and take a peek at some pretty interesting stats. 


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quoteAs a small business owner, I need a way to stay in contact with my customers. Newsletter Broadcast makes it...easy and fun!" 

Judy Hogan
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Small Business Tips

Where is your traffic coming from? Which links produce the most traffic? Find out where visitors are coming from and how to maximize those relationships in our Web Resources article Where is My Traffic Coming From?

Brain Teaser

How many reindeer are needed to pull Santa's sleigh?

a. 8

b. 9

c. 126,667

d. I don't believe in Santa.


We hope you didn't answer d!

The answer is: a, b & c.

Clement Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas" names 8 reindeer.

If it's foggy, you'll need to add Rudolph. So that's 9.

If you like math: Assume each of the world's 1.9 billion children  each gets 2 lbs of gifts. And assume that a magic flying reindeer can pull 100 times the 300 lbs force of a normal reindeer. Then 126,667 reindeer are needed to pull Santa's very heavy sleigh.

Happy Holidays from the Hostway Team!

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